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It has happened to almost everybody at one point of his or her computer usage life. An email arrives. It looks benign. You open it up. There is an attachment that will, you hope, explain all. You open it and all hell breaks loose. The solution – never open an unknown email and, certainly not its attachment. In addition, always have a decent antivirus or Internet security software installed. Be sure your security software is up to date. That’s secured by ensuring automated updates are running with no problems.

This should be your number one rule of thumb as far are emails are concerned. This is why you have a junk mail and a spam file. They come with your email account. You should turn your spam filter prohibitively high when you open your email account. If you are truly worried you will miss some important piece of mail, the answer is simple. Do NOT reduce your filter’s strength. Simply take a few seconds of your precious email time and open the junk mail or spam file. Look at the contents and see if there is really anything worth opening – such as that penis enlarger advertisement or the mail from Nigeria promising you money if whatever…

Why, Like Pandora’s Box, You Must Never Open An Email Of Unknown Origin
There are many reasons why you should never open unknown email and attachment. They read like email 101:

  • It could contain a virus threat. Viruses can range from mild to downright toxic on the computer infection scale. Viruses can make your machine slowdown or render it inoperable.
  • It could contain some other form of infection. Botnets involve computers of innocent people like you to act as a point of spreading various PC related infections onto other people’s computers.
  • It could set your computer to reveal your personal information to the creator of that malware.
  • There could be another type of threat to your computer, or just your sanity.
  • It could result in you receiving even more spam – as if, on some days and with some email providers, this is actually possible.

These are very simple, straightforward and accurate reasons why no one should ever open an email that bears not even a semblance to anyone’s address or name they know. Just remember. Opening an unknown email or its attachment is like opening Pandora’s Box. With one simple click, you are letting all the evils of the internet viral world loose into your computer and even into those of others. As if you didn’t have enough problems with a few of your friends already. Even with having antivirus or Internet security software installed, it may be some unknown form of a computer virus or other malware that will slip through your computer defense system.

Dealing With Unknown Email And Attachments
As noted previously, the easiest way to deal with any of this unwanted and potentially dangerous material is to leave it alone. Do not open it. Send it off to the marvelous land of Spam. You can then dump it with a warm feeling you have just dodged another potential bullet.
If you really must know – but do keep in mind that curiosity killed the cat, you can try to trace its sender. You can cut and paste the address in a search engine. You can also trace it back by doing email traceback lookup. My advise – simply let it go. Let your email provider send it to the big spam trash pile in the clouds.

And always have antivirus software running with security features enabled. Some people install it and then disable almost everything to make their PC faster.

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  1. People tend to think hi tech while it’s usually about very simple things like being aware of the dangers when online and having up to date antivirus software installed. Refusing to open email and attachment when seeing it has come from unknown sender or if it’s with suspicious text is not hard to do.

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