Oct 172011

We already wrote about Norton 360 vs. Norton AntiVirus, and Norton AntiVirus vs. Norton Internet Security. NOw we’ll round it up about Norton by comparing Norton 360 to Norton Internet Security.

Selecting a Norton product to safeguard a computer with can be trickier than consumers realize. Products in this family are all designed to deliver superior protection for users against viruses and other threats. When the question is whether to buy Norton Internet Security or Norton 360, the answer comes down to personal needs. The truth is both programs provide outstanding features and are similar to each other in scope. Norton 360 just takes things a few steps farther.
When both products are examined closely, it becomes clear that each targets a slightly different type of user. Which product to buy simply comes down to personal needs and programming that is already available on a machine. Here’s what they can do:

Norton Internet Security

Like most products in the Norton family, Norton Internet Security offers outstanding antivirus protections. This program and Norton 360 both provide safeguards against viruses, worms, bots, rootkits and more.

Norton Internet Security 2012 goes beyond basic antivirus protection and also offers:

  • Identity theft protection – Norton Internet Security was created to provide users with a way to shut down cybercriminals before they attack. It scans websites, links, incoming emails, messages and more for threats. It also stores passwords and sensitive information so the bad guys can’t capture it.
  • Parental controls – Making sure an online experience is safe for youngsters is a concern for many. Norton Internet Security delivers this type of protection.

Where Norton 360 Stands Apart

Norton 360 offers the same level of protection and features that Norton Internet Security does. It just goes beyond these features to also offer:

  • Backup and restoration features – Even when antivirus protections are the best, things can happen to data. Norton 360 makes sure its users have the protection they need from any eventuality. By offering secured, online storage, Norton makes sure its users can protect their data and retrieve it when necessary. The online space available is 2 GB with the standard edition and 25 GB with Norton 360 Premier Edition. Furthermore, additional space can be purchased at 5 GB increments.
  • PC Tuneup – This set of features is exclusive to Norton 360 in the antivirus family of products. PC Tuneup is designed to help computer users tweak their machines so their operational experiences are more enjoyable and productive. The programming enables users to easily speed up their machines by cleaning out unnecessary programming, enabling selective startup and more.

Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 both provide features that are essential to computer users. Norton 360 just goes a few steps beyond to provide users not only the protection they need, but also backup services and maintenance tools. Which product is better comes down to what an individual buyer really needs.

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