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With cybercriminals becoming savvier and their attacks fast becoming more insidious computer users find themselves needing serious protection. For many, the solution to the problem lies in finding a solid, well-rounded antivirus protection program. Two major options available today are delivered by Norton and Microsoft.

Both Norton and Microsoft offer good solutions for computer protection from viruses and other forms of attack. Microsoft Security Essentials and any of Norton’s antivirus and Internet security products that offer antivirus protection are both good choices for anyone that wants to make sure their machines are protected against attacks. For some users, however, one product line tends to stand out.

A Closer Look At Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good, all-around protection program. It delivers a number of benefits and features for the low cost of nothing. Security Essentials is Microsoft’s way of making sure its customers – those who use Windows and so on – are protected from attacks.

Security Essentials includes these features:

  • Real-time protection – The program is designed to offer real-time protections so threats don’t make it on a machine to begin with. Alerts notify users of potential spyware, viruses and other malicious software.
  • System scanning – Like other virus protection programs, Essentials offers a full computer scan feature. After all, sometimes viruses slip through the cracks. Or, they are harbored on a computer before a security program is installed.
  • Firewall protection – Security Essentials will enable other firewalls to function, but if no firewall is in place, the program will enable users to turn on the Windows Firewall. Firewalls, by the way, are designed to keep unwanted interactions away from a machine while it’s online.

Microsoft Security Essentials provides basic protection for no cost. This makes it an intriguing choice for many who bring their machines online, and are very tight on the budget (students, unemployed, low income).

About Norton

Norton products are able to do all of the things that Microsoft Security Essentials can, plus they bring more options and aspects of protection, which come at a price. Keep in mind, however, that many Norton products go above and beyond antivirus protections and basic system scans. The Norton 360 product line, for example, costs about $50-$80 a year (Norton coupons, deals, rebates) to use and it delivers not only antivirus protections, but also PC tuneup abilities, identity protection, backup and restore capabilities and even online storage of critical files.

When it comes down to the question of which is better, Norton or Security Essentials, the answer often lies in what a computer user wants from protection software. Microsoft Security Essentials can and does cover the basics. Norton tends to take things a few steps beyond, depending on the security product used which would be:

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  1. I can not afford Norton 360 anymore. I am going with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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